Business Policies

Environment Safety Policy

Samyang Fine Technology, which has at its managerial core the absolute goal for environment safety, is committed to finding all potential risk factors that may harm environmental safety, from production, sales and service of products to treatment, and to continue proactive activities for improvement and elimination, ultimately enabling a safe and agreeable life for its employees, community members, and humankind.

Declaration of Environment Safety

Full Statement We consider the protection of our land and the dignity of humankind as our top priority in performing our business and continue to remind ourselves that we are obligated to protect each person’s right to a healthy life in agreeable surroundings and to protect our environment. Our employees, within each role, lead the way in protecting the environment and performing safety activities.

  1. We consider environment protection and industrial safety as the top priorities in all our business decisions.
  2. Establishment of proactive environmental safety policy
    We consider environment safety as the top priority and commit ourselves to securing and operating safe facilities through exacting safe management oversight.
  3. Strict compliance with environmental safety regulations and administrative details
    We adhere to environment safety standards and national laws, autonomously comply with such, set management targets as half of the limit mandated by laws, and establish and adhere to standards for goal accomplishment.
  4. We arrange internal inspection standards for environment safety, establish a relevant management system, and regularly perform validation.
  5. We focus on finding and improving vulnerable worksites to build an agreeable environment and a healthy company.
  6. We perform the selection process by considering environmental pollution during process reviews, and arrange for the reduction of environmental pollutants and implementation of safety control methods in the design process.
  7. We strive to minimize the generation of environmental pollutants when operating facilities, secure optimal prevention systems, and run the systems in the most efficient way.
  8. Each employee acts as an environmental safety watchdog and proactively performs a zero disaster campaign.