Social Contribution

Overview of Socaial Contribution

Beautiful Sharing, Conservation of Green Environment, Positive Win-Win Partnership

Over its long history, Samyang Group has conducted diverse corporate social responsibility activities such as helping our neighbors, protecting the environment, contributing to the development of communities, implementing scholarship and cultural programs, and conducting academic research.

To get along with our isolated neighbors, our employees and family members have contributed to the society by providing various community services such as Bundle Sharing, Blood Donation, Housing Repair, Briquette Delivery.
Since 1996, we have been ‘Writing and Drawing Contest for the Love of Nature’ to protect the environment, together with 10,000 people, including students in Jeonju and their parents. The event has been acclaimed as an exemplary corporate environmental campaign.

In addition, our branches nationwide conduct environmental-protection campaigns such as stream cleaning and forest caring. Also, to pursue balanced corporate and agricultural development, each Samyang Group business unit has entered into a sisterhood agreement with a nearby farming village.

Beautiful Sharing
Beautiful Bundle Sharing Lovely Blood Donation Lovely House Repair Lovely Briquette Delivery
Conservation of Green Environment
Essay writing drawing festival
Positive Win-Win Partnership
One Company, One River Cleanup One Company, One Mountain ConservationOne Company, One Village Sisterhood

Positive Talent Nurturing and Sharing

The country's first private scholarship foundation, Yangyoung Foundation, was established by Samyang founder Chairman Kim Yeon-su, and in 1968, Sudang Foundation was established to expand the Group’s scholarship program. In particular, since 2006, Sudang Foundation, in deference to the founder’s spirit of benefiting the nation by fostering industries, and of nurturing talents, has been giving out the annual Sudang Prize, a KRW100 million cash prize, to excellent achievers in science & technology and humanities & social science fields.