President's Message

We are Korea’s first company to enter the global advanced material market.

Samyang Fine Technology, established in 2014, is a next-generation ion-exchange resin manufacturing company. Samyang Fine Technology has localized the next-generation ion-exchange resin technology by combining uniform polymer manufacturing technologies. With the recent evolution of the various industries and the increasingly diversified needs of customers, it is becoming a mandate to be proactive in the growing fields of LCD, semiconductor, nuclear power & water treatment, separation and refinement of materials of benefit (ex. medicine and food), waste water, and heavy metal treatment. Our next-generation ion-exchange resin, optimized for these sectors, is expected to contribute to secure national competence through substituting or imports and increasing exports.

As Korea’s only next-generation ion-exchange resin manufacturing company, we promise to be a valuable partner for our customers via innovative research and development activities, as well as to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of the community by protecting the environment and performing CSR activities.

Thank you.

Samyang FineTechnology ceo Rim Seung-taek